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I’ve published a new Facebook page, where I’ll be sharing news and pictures of what I am up to in the studio. The posts from this blog will appear there, but I’ll also be using it for more off-the-cuff comments, updates of work in progress and other surprises. Please come and join me there!

Some more Puriri moths


DSC02012Mond frontHena frontLune front 2

Some more creatures from my Puriri moth collection. I got such a lovely response to the last lot, you’ve prompted me to share more!

Thank you for your kind words about these little lovelies. It seems they are well liked. That is encouraging and heartening to me.


“Helmut Makes A Quilt” short film about sewing is out NOW

Crafters, quilters and stitchers in New Zealand, there’s a film playing at the New Zealand Film Festival that you must see. “Helmut Makes A Quilt” is a locally-made short film, about the friendship between two people who sew. Quilter Marion starts a penpal exchange with Helmut, an unlikely crafter who stitches in the prison laundry.

Their friendship grows through the gifts they make and send to each other. That’s where the New Zealand crafting community came into it. Volunteer stitchers, including me, created the dozens of goods that the characters created. It was a wonderful experience to sew for and work on this film (which I will write about later), and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

The film is made by the hugely talented Greg Wood, which speaks volumes for it already. And the word that I’ve heard, from reliable sources, is that advance screenings have been really, really good. But heck, it’s about sewing! Quilting! That gives it extra points in my book

“Helmut Makes A Quilt”┬áis scheduled to play before David Gordon Green‘s feature-length film “Prince Avalanche” during the Film Festival. There are three screening sessions in Auckland, which are as follows:

Friday 19th July, 8.45 pm at Rialto
Thursday 25th July, 4.30 pm at Sky City Theatre
Friday 26th July, 7.00 pm at Sky City Theatre
Other screenings around the country are yet to be announced. If you’re in Auckland, come join me at the very first big screen showing of “Helmut Makes A Quilt” this Friday.

Fly away my lovelies! A collection of Puriri moths released

Textile Puriri moth Textile Puriri moth Textile Puriri moth Textile Puriri moth Hena2Textile Puriri moth

Fly away my little lovelies … meet Hena, Marama, Mahina, Lune and friends. These textile Puriri moths are flying away from my studio and I will miss them so!

They are named for the moon they greet when they emerge from their chrysalis at night. Each is slightly different and I’ve learned that the easiest way to identify them, is by the markings on their wings.

A small collection of them are going to a special art project here in Auckland. They’ll be left in the wild, settled in trees and balanced on branches, for some lucky people to come across, wonder about and maybe even take home. I’ve left a little note with each one, so perhaps we’ll be able to follow where they end up.

Two others have already found homes, one in the South Island of New Zealand and another in England.

And my precious Luna, the very first Puriri moth to emerge from my hands and nestle in Richard’s, is staying right here with us.

A sneak peek at the new collection of Puriri moths

Frontal moth

I’ve been quiet on the blog lately, but this little fella gives you one reason why … I’ve been working on a collection of Puriri moths. They’re almost ready to be released. I can’t wait to show you!

Little girls and their dolls

Clementine and Carmen

Caro gets doll

Little Clementine loves her Carmen doll. Her reaction when she opened the gift was beautiful – her face lit up and she grabbed the doll for a kiss. Carmen was carried around the birthday party, tucked under an arm or sat on her lap to watch proceedings. Her mum tells me that in the days since the doll has been a constant companion. I visited them last week for some doll-surgery, securing the arms more strongly and adding a few stitches to the hair.

I found this picture of me at exactly the same age, when I was given a crib for my second birthday. The look on our faces is universal – happy little girls, so proud of their dolls.

When I was young, my mum’s best friend spoiled me with girl things, like this crib. Susie’s boys, the same age as my brother and me, were tousle-haired rascals, full of laughs and rough’n’tumble. We were bought up very closely, especially the younger son and I, so in many ways I was the little girl in Susie’s life. She liked doing my hair, dressing me up in fineries and sewing for me. For my second birthday her husband made a crib and Susie dressed the bed in gingham, ribbons and lace. That very crib and its handmade bedding are now being used by another generation, at my mum’s house. This is the beauty of handmade things.