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Baby Geranium dress and Wayfarer slippers

The baby Geranium dress I made for Amy finally fits and it seems she loves it! ‘Made by Rae’s Geranium is straightforward and economical, and at this size is completely free. Hurrah for free patterns!
I paired the dress with some sweet wee Wayfarer shoes by Twig and Tale, that I embroidered with cherry blossoms to match the dress fabric.  There are lots of great variations to these sweet slippers – hop on over to their recent footwear Blog Tour to see more.
The Geranium is such a versatile pattern, I’ve bought the girls’ 0-5 size  and can’t wait to make more for Amy. See, that’s the joy of giveaway patterns; a free tester gives you a taste for a designer’s style and hopefully you’re hooked for more. And there’s so much Geranium inspiration out there online.
Check out the gorgeous dress made by Rachel at Stitched Together – I love, love, love that fabric!   She has made the Geranium many times for her beautiful girls – go have a dig around on her blog for more great examples.
Zoe at SoZo made a super cute Geranium for her daughter and has some good tips (see ‘thoughts’, further down the page) on fabric choice and whether or not to vary the neckline, which is really helpful. Its always useful when other stitchers let you in on their reflections after a project.
Marta at From Marta With Love has made some tiny Geraniums with the free pattern and I love the lining that she used.  Such a clever way to add a little extra pizzazz. (Like me, she made the dresses before her wee girl was born. I’ve just spotted on her blog that baby Halina has arrived. Congratulations Marta and welcome to motherhood!)
If I buy the Geranium Expansion pack  we’ll be able to make more sleeve styles and variations. I have in mind a long-sleeve dress in navy blue, with some Mary Jane shoes. I just love making beautiful things for my gorgeous girl.
Have you made a Geranium? Got your eye on a great example? Share with us in the comments!
Catch you later,
Caroline x x
Baby Geranium dress and accessories

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