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A reading guide on natural development and respectful parenting

At our SPACE class recently we were asked what we ‘reflective parenting’ means to us. For me, being a reflective parents means deliberately raising Amy in the best way that I know how. It means making myself informed, by reading and listening to different authors and speakers on parenting and child development. It means being… Continue reading A reading guide on natural development and respectful parenting

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Making embroidered baby slippers

I’ve been on a roll with these awesome Wayfarer slippers by Twig&Tale – a sweet little pattern. They were initially a little fiddly to get the hang of, but when I had made one pair they came together easily. The secret to the embroidery is to sew it before you even cut the pattern. I… Continue reading Making embroidered baby slippers


Biscuits for breastfeeding mothers

These biscuits are delicious and so good for breastfeeding! These great tasting biscuits include flaxseed, coconut oil, nutrition yeast, and vegan options. Several people have asked me to share the recipe, so here it is. I have to be clear: this is not my original recipe, it’s based on Noel Trujllo’s Lactation Cookies on… Continue reading Biscuits for breastfeeding mothers

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Projects in progress

There hasn’t been a lot of ‘completing’ around here this week, but there are a few projects on the go and some ideas for writing rattling around in my head. Projects in progress include Waldorf baby dolls, fabric selection for recovering some mid-century chairs, and summer clothes for Baby Amy using the Twig  Tale ‘Barefoot… Continue reading Projects in progress

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A new pinafore dress and how sewing keeps me happy

Last night I sewed a new dress for Amy, a spring themed floral knit pinafore lined with vintage indigo cotton. It’s a cute little piece for our transition from winter to spring, that she can wear now over long sleeve tops and hopefully over t-shirts soon. To be honest I was trying to distract myself… Continue reading A new pinafore dress and how sewing keeps me happy

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Baby Geranium dress and Wayfarer slippers

The baby Geranium dress I made for Amy finally fits and it seems she loves it! ‘Made by Rae’s Geranium is straightforward and economical, and at this size is completely free. Hurrah for free patterns! I paired the dress with some sweet wee Wayfarer shoes by Twig and Tale, that I embroidered with cherry blossoms… Continue reading Baby Geranium dress and Wayfarer slippers

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Fat Bum Pants (aka Purl Soho baby pants)

Ohmygoodness, I love that backside! A while ago I posted about sewing nine pairs (yes, nine) of these cute Fat Bum Pants for my yet-to-be-born baby. Now that Amy is here I am totally loving them. At the moment she usually wears them over a full-length onesie for extra warmth, but in summer they’ll be a… Continue reading Fat Bum Pants (aka Purl Soho baby pants)