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Some more Puriri moths

Some more creatures from my Puriri moth collection. I got such a lovely response to the last lot, you’ve prompted me to share more! Thank you for your kind words about these little lovelies. It seems they are well liked. That is encouraging and heartening to me. Related articles Fly away my lovelies! A collection… Continue reading Some more Puriri moths

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“Helmut Makes A Quilt” short film about sewing is out NOW

Crafters, quilters and stitchers in New Zealand, there’s a film playing at the New Zealand Film Festival that you must see. “Helmut Makes A Quilt” is a locally-made short film, about the friendship between two people who sew. Quilter Marion starts a penpal exchange with Helmut, an unlikely crafter who stitches in the prison laundry.… Continue reading “Helmut Makes A Quilt” short film about sewing is out NOW

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Fly away my lovelies! A collection of Puriri moths released

Fly away my little lovelies … meet Hena, Marama, Mahina, Lune and friends. These textile Puriri moths are flying away from my studio and I will miss them so! They are named for the moon they greet when they emerge from their chrysalis at night. Each is slightly different and I’ve learned that the easiest… Continue reading Fly away my lovelies! A collection of Puriri moths released

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A sneak peek at the new collection of Puriri moths

I’ve been quiet on the blog lately, but this little fella gives you one reason why … I’ve been working on a collection of Puriri moths. They’re almost ready to be released. I can’t wait to show you! Related articles Giant puriri moth (

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Doll’s cradle and bedding

Little C┬áloves her Carmen doll. Her reaction when she opened the gift was beautiful – her face lit up and she grabbed the doll for a kiss. Carmen was carried around the birthday party, tucked under an arm or sat on her lap to watch proceedings. Her mum tells me that in the days since… Continue reading Doll’s cradle and bedding

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Rabbit faces for embroidery and soft toys

When I looked for ideas to stitch the face on a toy rabbit, I couldn’t find a great reference. So, I made a collection of designs for rabbit faces on embroidery and soft toys. The designs are all intended for embroidery stitches – so the focus is on simple lines and expression. I found that… Continue reading Rabbit faces for embroidery and soft toys