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Hoppity home, Harold Rabbit!

Soft toy rabbit view of face - embroideredFinished - chair

A new hoppity friend has been hanging around – its Harold Rabbit! He’s a soft toy made of an old shirt and some fabric off-cuts.  Harold has a cheeky crooked smile, grabby ears, bendy knees and a cute, round tail.

Harold has been reading a lot about the big wide world lately. Ginsberg, Rand and Potok have got his back and he has many classic novels under his belt. Look, its Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre!

Soft toe rabbit - view of back and tail

But it seems that he’s planning to head north, to experience the Old World for himself. In New Zealand, we call that “doing an OE [overseas experience].” Ka kite, Harold!

Here he is with Big Ben, St Pauls ,The Gherkin, London Eye and  … errr … an Indian elephant.  Oh, he’s a worldly wabbit.

Soft toy rabbit

Here is Harold at home. Yes, that’s the vintage quilt I wrote about so long ago. I am still working on the repair job. I’ve done a few blocks, but English piecing takes a lot of time!

Aroha nui x x x

Finished - bed


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