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Summer blues quilt

My blue summer quilt is nearing its last days on the bed for this year. It’s time to switch up to warmer colours and heavier layers. I started collecting fabric for this project years ago, without knowing quite what I was going to do with it. The key pieces (Indian cotton block prints and the… Continue reading Summer blues quilt


Split seams

  I completed this grey skirt recently, continuing the ‘split seam’ technique I created a few months ago. I haven’t found a better name for this design yet; using a basic outline, I take out segments from the front and side seams, then reconnect the split and thus change the silhouette. It results in a… Continue reading Split seams


Welcome to my world

Welcome to my new and well-overdue blog, where I’ll be sharing words and images about my creative life. Its taken me a while to get here …  I’ll be honest and tell you it’s the photography that has kept me away. Words flow naturally for me and the creating happens whether it’s written about or… Continue reading Welcome to my world