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Making lemon honey on a rainy day

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** You may know this sweet preserve as ‘lemon curd’ or ‘lemon spread’. In New Zealand we call it lemon honey. It can be enjoyed on bread, as a filling for tarts or pastries, with meringue,  on ice-cream, etc. Give it a try – its sweet, a little tart and totally delicious! **

I decided to bring a little sunshine into our house today, by making a batch of lemon honey. I used the Edmonds’ recipe – an old favourite that I’ve been making since childhood. It tastes sooooooo good!

I needed a little cheering up this morning. I awoke with an ear-ache, a winter ill that makes me a bit ratty and grizzly, and it has been blustery, rainy weather for days. Spying the bright bowl of lemons I’ve had sitting around for a few weeks, I decided these were the ideal conditions for some preserving.

When one makes or eats lemon honey, one shouldn’t consider the ingredient list for too long. Sure, you’ll need to gather the ingredients to prepare it – lemons, eggs, sugar and butter. Just don’t ponder for too long on the quantities of sugar and butter you’re about to use; they’re criminal!

The jars of lemon honey are cooling on my windowsill now, glowing in the late afternoon sun. I’ve just enjoyed the first taste, served in the most perfect way – on hot Vogel’s Bread toast, with a mug of tea and a smile on my face. And funny enough, my earache has all but gone.

The Edmonds Cookery Book has become a classic in New Zealand since it was first published in 1955. It is found in most households and is full of fail-proof recipes. Here’s the lemon honey recipe, if you don’t have a copy at your home.

Update for non-New Zealand readers: this is a recipe for a sweet, lemon-based spread, a little bit like jam or jelly. In New Zealand we call it lemon honey, but you may know it as lemon curd or lemon spread. If you’re never heard of it, why not give it a go? (I am pretty sure it won’t cure earache, but it may just put a smile on your face).

Lemon Honey (Edmonds Cookery Book, 1998, p.226)

4 lemons
125g butter
2 cups sugar
4 eggs, beaten

Grate only the yellow part of the lemon (avoid white part as it is bitter). Squeeze the lemons and strain the juice. Melt the butter in the top of a double boiler. Stir in sugar and lemon juice until sugar is dissolved. Add eggs and lemon rind. Place over boiling water and cook, stirring all the time until mixture thickens. Pour into sterilised jars. Store in the refrigerator. Makes about 4 x 250ml jars.



8 thoughts on “Making lemon honey on a rainy day

    1. You’re right – it doesn’t. I think its called that because its sweet, like an alternative to honey. You may know it as lemon curd or lemon cheese … neither of which contain the dairy products their names suggests, either. Its a food mystery.

    1. Oh my gosh, the cross-cultural confusion I’ve caused with this post. It’s all lost in translation! I’m sorry Chon, this wonderful recipe doesn’t actually cure earache (though I wish it did) … It’s just delicious and making it makes me happy and THAT helps me forgets about the pain. And, despite the name, it’s not actually honey (or curds or cheese).

  1. Just made this and it is yum yum yum. I had to stain it as I made an error with grating the zest instead of zesting it. But it worked out fine and it tastes great. I us to make it in New Zealand when I was a child and had forgotten how good it is. So thank you for the recipe

  2. Omg this is a great recipe. I make it to put in my morning porridge . Ok it is not cutting my sugar intake down any but boy it really does make the very boring porridge exciting and I can’t wait each morning to dig into it. Scrummy.

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