Split seams

grey skirt full grey scarf

I completed this grey skirt recently, continuing the ‘split seam’ technique I created a few months ago. I haven’t found a better name for this design yet; using a basic outline, I take out segments from the front and side seams, then reconnect the split and thus change the silhouette. It results in a gradiated bell shape, allowing for a wider skirt and fitted waist without layers of gathering.

The grey fabric is actually a black and white linen, from Global Fabrics (in-store now).  Its lovely texture and shapes reminded me of the light-weight wool djebella or hooded cloaks that Berber men wear in Morocco.  As is often the case for me, it was fabric bought without a purpose in mind – simply because I loved it. But I reckon this outcome is just about spot-on for a winter skirt.

The leftover fabric made yet another useful scarf. I’m a bit of a scarf addict. And a layering addict. (Those are both understatements.) This infinity scarf is lined with a soft silk, the colour of winter seas from Mum’s place in Nelson.

Blue dress full Dress hem

This blue dress was my first that used a split seam and is already well-loved. It’s an awesome Japanese cotton, with a deep indigo base and white stripes woven in. I was drawn to it by the beautiful fringed selvedge – that inspired me to retain a raw hem on this design. Peeking out below is a petticoat made from very cool white cotton, scored at Nick’s on Dominion Road and featuring stripes of a single thread of blue cotton. It is finished with lace from my Grandma’s stash. More on that little goldmine in another post.

Ka kite anō x x x


4 thoughts on “Split seams

  1. Hi Megan. I haven’t yet created a tutorial for this design, but I will record the process next time I use it. I’ll let you know when I post a new tutorial. Thanks for stopping by … your cheesecake looks great!

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