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Summer blues quilt

My blue summer quilt is nearing its last days on the bed for this year. It’s time to switch up to warmer colours and heavier layers.

Blue quilt above3Blue quilt detail4
I started collecting fabric for this project years ago, without knowing quite what I was going to do with it. The key pieces (Indian cotton block prints and the silks in the first border) were scored at London’s Cloth House, one of my most favourite shops, when I returned on a business trip in 2010. What a beautiful way to bash a baggage allowance.

The quilt design is Anna Maria Horner’s Bohemian with extra width added in the main section and borders. I revisited the site many times, envisaging how beautifully this pattern could use my blue collection … but intimidated by the geometry as I tried to work out how to extend the repeat, add borders, and calculate yardage. Gradually my subconscious worked through every objection until I had no choice but to cut into the stash.

I finished this quilt when my beloved friend MT was still in New Zealand. We spent a day at Quilt Genie’s workshop in Maraetai and I quilted the top myself, using a long-arm.

It was lovely to know that I was continuing my family traditions, carrying on the work of all those quilters before me. I’ve got some of those leading ladies’ quilts to share with you soon.

But for now, ka kite ano x x x

Blue quilt5Blue quilt detail3


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