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Making seagull toys from felt

Meet Swoop and Sheila, the first of a flock of seagulls I am making for a baby mobile.

I couldn’t find any patterns for a soft toy seagull in flight (or any other sea birds for that matter), so I drafted my own. These two are sightly different, as I’m trying out variations on the pattern.

I used blanket stitch on the body and wings of Swoop (shown on brown table), and two layers of wool felt for his wings. The body of Sheila (the lower of the pair on the white table) was sewn using a running stitch and then turned – which I think looks better. I also prefer her stuffed beak with its fuller curve, but not her wings. I tried doubling the felt only on the front, where a bird’s wings are thickest, but it made the rest of the wing too thin.

They’re a very sweet work in progress.


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