Giving gifts that are loved

Brown linen making pocket copy Brown linen 1 Brown linen neck2

It was my mama Katy’s birthday recently and I made her another version of the sleeveless jacket vest, this time in a brown, woven fabric. She finally received it in the post, so now I can share it with you.

Making gifts for other people is one of my favourite things about being creative. As I consider the person I am giving to, thinking of their needs or preferences as I make choices, they come to the front of my consciousness. And as my hands go through the familiar motions of pinning, sewing and cutting, my mind is free to wander and think of times we have been together. Its quite a gift, this creative process.

She tells me that she loves the gift, too. That is such as nice feeling. Thanks, Mama.


3 thoughts on “Giving gifts that are loved

  1. I love it and the pockets are so easy to fill with things- as you warned. It looks great with skinny leg pants as well as pencil skirts and has a nice swing to it. Thanks so much

  2. This is a lovely jacket – the first thing I noticed at the meet up – so I’m niot serprised that she loved it. I’m just getting use to giving hand made gifts. I’ve traditionally thought of them as a “second best” or cheap gift alternative. When my mum admired my kitchen accessories I experienced that pleasure for the first time when I made her a set for her kitchen.

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