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Local Love: Avondale Sewing

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Some people are known by their children, others by their dogs and others by the car they drive. Apparently Matthew at Avondale’s Sewing Workshop knows people by the sewing machine they use. He certainly remembers mine – or more specifically, he recognises the hospital admission sticker on my Brother machine.

Its hard to get an exterior shot that does the shop justice. It is housed in an historic shopfront at the top end of Avondale’s Rosebank Road, but it faces southwards – photos are always back-lit and unflattering. But I can tell you that is a wood framed building, with a tin-roof awning that stretches the width of the pavement, and that its broad windows are filled with shelves of old and new machines.

The Sewing Workshop is a beautifully chaotic place, jammed full of hundreds of sewing machines, from basic beginners’ machine to modern industrials. You’ll find antique hand-driven Singers alongside fully computerised embroidery machine, packed in around racks of buttons, threads and fixings. High above the machinery and accessories for sale, all the way around the shop, runs a shelf of antique collectables.

At its heart, the Sewing Workshop is a repair shop. The second-hand machines that you’ll find here include trade-ins and auction purchases, that the shop has bought and refurbished for resale.

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