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Inspiration: Lauren DiCioccio

Lauren-DiCioccio_19 Lauren-DiCioccio_24 Lauren-DiCioccio_25 Lauren-DiCioccio_flagLauren-DiCioccio_3

There are some incredibly inspirational textile artists out there. One of the artists rocking my boat just now is Lauren DiCioccio. In her “Sewn News” series, Lauren encased pages of the New York TImes in muslin and then picked out parts of the photographic content using embroidery.

In her description of the work, Lauren says she “describe[s] the beauty of the ritual experience of newspaper-reading by describing the paper as a tactile and fragile object in the language of craft.”

But I see another layer of meaning here; she is also showing us that an editor can manage our view of current events. The actual newspaper is still there, but its a ghosted image behind what Lauren really wants us to see.

The ‘Inspiration: Artist” series shines a light on artists in textiles and other mediums, whose work makes my head spin. If you want to share the love for an artist you’ve come across, post a link in the comments.


One thought on “Inspiration: Lauren DiCioccio

  1. Oh wow, I love this! I am rubbish at free hand embroidery, I am going to post tomorrow about some recent needlework but nothing as amazing and inspirational as this. I’d love to try something along these line one day.

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