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Making for baby: knitted blanket and vest

Kerri vest and blanket
Baby blanket by Natural Star and Milo vest by Georgie Nicolson

This precious knit vest and blanket were made for our baby by a woman we have never met – one of the generous and talented knitters from Will Work for Yarn NZ. These little treasures are now packed into my hospital bag, ready to keep our own wee bundle warm on its first journey home.

Kerri and I made contact when I asked the group for someone to knit a Milo vest for us. When I went to the yarn shop I fell for a sweet blanket pattern, and Kerri very kindly agreed to make the blanket and a Milo vest. Lucky us! I also fell for some beautiful yarn – a merino, possum, silk blend that looks and feels amazing.

I packaged up the supplies and pattern, and shipped them off to Kerri. Over the coming weeks, she sent photos of her sizing sample and progress, and finally – one very happy day – a package. Aren’t they just adorable?!

The blanket pattern is by Natural Star. It has really sweet lace-like strips and a contrasting texture border. I bought it from the Remuera Sewing Shop which, as I mentioned in an earlier post, doesn’t have a website. This evening I discovered that the woman behind Natural Star Yarns is a fellow New Zealander, Brenda, and her patterns are available on Etsy.

Kerri blanket pattern

The teeny tiny newborn Milo vest is a classic from Georgie Nicolson on Ravelry. Another knitter from Will Work for Yarn has been working on a 1-year old vest and hat for our baby, which I will share soon.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Caroline x x x

Kerri blanket wrapped


One thought on “Making for baby: knitted blanket and vest

  1. These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Caroline, gives me ideas to hold on to for the possibilities of grandchildren maybe one day xx

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