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Baby bibs using upcycled t-shirts

As I was making these bibs this afternoon, I was thinking of my good friend Mira who lives very, very far away, in Finland. Too far! She made a set of these DIY baby bibs for her boy K. when he was young; I remember them being easy to snap on and off, and he always looked cool wearing them.

Most of these bibs are made with upcycled t-shirts and off-cuts from other projects. There’s even an old Splore Festival shirt in there- kudos, kid! My original pattern may even be copied from one of K.’s but here’s a link to something similar, by Life With My Littles.

The bibs are attached using button snaps, which are SO EASY to put on. I use the Birch ‘Gripper Studs’ which come together using the press-head and hammer you can see in the picture.

I really love these cute little bibs, sold by Billy Bibs on Etsy. The string ties freak me out a bit (cords and babies don’t mix, in my book) but the style is great. That outfit is gorgeous!

Here’s another sweet version for girls, also featuring pompoms, by Kishu Baby. Some things to consider if we have a girl.

Sewing for Baby-2.png


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