Making for baby

Knitting for baby – cardigan and hat


This soft, beautiful, tiny cardigan and hat were knitted my wonderful mum, Katy. She’s happy for me to share her work, so I suppose this a kind of ‘guest post’, in that Grandma Katy is the crafter here, not me.

I mentioned a while ago that I can’t crochet and Mum finished a blanket edge for me; now I have to admit that I’m not much of a knitter either. About ten years ago I had a go at knitting mum a cushion cover, but if I remember correctly I threw in the towel on that one too, and she had to complete it!  She’s a super star alright.


I picked up the pattern at Remuera Sewing Centre and other than its name – the very literal “Cardigan and Matching Hat” –  I can’t tell you much about it. The pattern isn’t branded, doesn’t name a designer, and I can’t link to it online because Remuera Sewing Centre is so old-school cool, they don’t even have a website. (Incidentally, its the sister shop to Avondale Sewing, which I blogged about aeons ago –  a truly awesome sewing machine repair workshop, with a delicious mishmash of machines, fixings, fabric and antiques.)

I like the cardigan’s simplicity – just three buttons, cute ribbing and a straight-forward stitch. Equally cute on girls or boys, especially in this soft, neutral grey. The rolled rim on the hat is sweet too.

The pattern recommends Panda Regal 4-ply or Panda Baby Lustre yarn, but I bought Patons Baby Dreamtime Merino 4ply. Mum’s making another set in Shepherd Baby Wool merino and apparently that knits up well too.

I made the matching little shoes – more about those in upcoming post.

As always, thanks for stopping by! If you know of a similar knitting pattern OR who designed/published this one, please leave a message in the comments (I strongly suspect that its Panda Yarns, but I can’t find a design that matches).



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