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Sewing for baby – baby pants by Purl Soho



I absolutely adore this design for baby pants by Purl Soho. I love the shape, particularly the insert for cute baby bottoms. I love the pattern – its simplicity, conservation of fabric, sizing and very clear instructions. I especially love that these pants allows me use up scraps of fabric and recycle my own clothes. I also love that the pattern is free!

I am so enamoured with this pattern, that I made nine pairs in a row. That’s right, I sewed the same dang thing nine times over. Three in each of the size ranges, varying the colours and fabrics.

The contrast fabric is used on the backside, to accommodate fat nappy bums. It peeks through a bit below the crotch on the front. I added the turn-ups by shortening the leg slightly and attaching a folded extension, so that they can be rolled up or down.

The dark blue plain fabric is from the amazing Asia Gallery and Vintage Fabric Emporium – an Aladdin’s cave of Japanese fabrics including vintage kimonos, indigo samples, shibori, and random cuts of silk and cotton. Cotton kimono are only $20 each, and I got this length (about 2 metres) for $5.

The blue/white Indian-style print was once a pair of my own trousers, and the blue floral was my Mum’s pyjamas. There’s also a pair of my old jeans mixed in, plus a shirt I used to wear.
I couldn’t resist styling a few outfits. Baby clothes – so cute! If I didn’t tell you that the sizes don’t actually match you’d never know, would you? So I won’t mention it 😉

Update: click here to see the pants on my sweet girl! 



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