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Sewing for baby – Waldorf cuddly dolls


These twin lovey dolls are for our baby and another who is due to arrive soon after. I made them in a Waldorf style, using wool rovings, recycled materials including super soft and cuddly velvet.

The bodies are recycled from a green velvet dress that I used to wear in London. It was a really flattering fit (once upon a time ago) and texture, but it hasn’t been ‘me’ for years … I stashed it anyway, because the fabric was so beautiful and soft, so I’m stoked to see it bought to life again.

The faces are made from a super fine merino that I dyed with tea; it was originally an off-white. It looks like I inadvertently used the reverse side for one face, which explains why the knit appears slightly different.

I used this tutorial by LivingCraftsBlog to learn how to shape a doll’s head in the Waldorf style – such a good skill to learn. I used an old t-shirt for the first layer and did the really basic shaping – just the eyes, chin and mouth formed, and no nose. Mum had sent me a bag of lush wool rovings from her local market, which gives the heads a lovely density and squish factor, and makes them totally safe for slobbering.


The bodies are super simple – once I had made the heads I sketched out a rounded “H” shape to make the arms and legs for easy grabbing. Some of the wool and cotton from the ‘neck’ is in the upper part of the body, otherwise they are un-stuffed.


The knotted hats (perfect for sucking and biting on) are made from leftovers of long-ago projects. I bought the patterned Indian cotton at London’s awesome Cloth House and stored it for years. Eventually it became part of my Summer Blues quilt, that I blogged about way back in 2013. The striped fabric was a remnant from a table linen set that I made for a friend’s wedding back in …. ummm … 2010, I think. I wonder if the napkins and table cloths are still in use, and if her own little boys would recognise the fabric?

Now that I’ve gained some confidence with Waldorf faces, I’d like to make something similar to this cute little guy (by Fig&Me) with a gold crown – a Wild Things Max doll! Maybe it would make a good first birthday present, hmmm ….


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