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Sewing for baby – crocheted and quilted blankets


This pair of blankets were made as “do all” blankets – you know, for the stroller, the car, playing on the floor, having a cuddle, whatever.  They’re simple forms with only a little adornment – just enough to make ’em look cool and individual, without being too precious.

It is a very long time since I blogged regularly here or my teaching page …. I’ve no apologies to offer, just been up to other stuff. BUT I’m back with loads to share.

The reason for my renewed creative energy? We are expecting a baby in May 2017!  I’ve been busy sewing for the little one’s arrival and have lots of projects done, underway and planned.



crochet-and-quilted-blankets3_caroline-larnachThe grey and yellow blanket is made from a printed flannel/brushed cotton (from Spotlight), backed with white linen (handed down from my grandmother) and bound with yellow cotton print (also Spotlight).

I quilted it with a simple running stitch and 6-ply floss, following the cross pattern on alternate rows. This made even stitches on the front (grey) side, but the length of the back stitches (white side) depended on how straight my needle was as it went through. It’s imperfect but I’m cool with that.

I made single fold binding and attached it with a machine stitched front and hand stitched back – so easy! See this awesome video tutorial by Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company. (If you’re into quilting or think you might like to try, check out the MSQC YouTube channel for easy to follow instructions and some cool designs).

My inspiration for the grey/yellow blanket was this quilt made by LiveLoveSmile on Etsy; I liked the simplicity and the colouring. That actual design is no longer available, but she has some others that are similar. I learned a new embroidery term from her page, too: kantha. Kantha is a traditional form of Indian embroidery, quilting together layers of old saree using a running stitch. You may have seen bedspreads made from layers of recycled saree. It’s similar to Japanese boro (which I love), in that it’s a way of giving new life to old fabrics and the ‘repair work’ of stitching adds its own beauty.


The grey and red blanket is also made from a Spotlight flannel/brushed cotton, with a cotton crocheted edge. It represents my first foray into the art of crochet! “It’s a highly mobile craft,” I told myself. “I can do it anywhere! It’s high time I learned.” Inspired by these Flannel Receiving Blanket, I armed myself with cotton, hook and Purl Soho’s very helpful instructions and plenty of time…

Aaaaaand …. I didn’t even complete one side. It just wasn’t me. Luckily I’ve got a crochet-master on call, so I packaged it up and sent it off to my amazing mum, who whipped it up in no time. Thanks Grandma! You’re the bestest.

PS: Mum says it was a really easy crochet. The last picture definitely shows my work, not hers. Just look at those uneven stitches!





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