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Inspiration: Mother Eagle

Mother Eagle is the latest textile artist to fuel my obsession with biology-inspired design. I’ve mentioned Mister Finch recently, who does awesome things sculpting birds and other creatures from fabric. The mysterious Mother Eagle is into moths too, and has been working on a collection of embroidered Lepidoptera.

Look at all the French knots in this. That would drive me crazy!

Mother Eagle's moth17 spanish9 spanish13

I love the textures that she has combined. Her blog posts are great, with lots of really detailed images of the process and the ideas. I like to see how things came about and to learn about why an artist was inspired to make something (and pull something apart). .

It seems she’s got a thing for body parts too, like another of my favourite artists Enid Twiglet. How cool is Mother Eagle’s tiny silk ribcage amulet?

Mother Eagle ribs

But who is this mysterious Mother Eagle? Who knows. She’s rather enigmatic. All I’ve deduced is that she has a cat, she may be called Katie and considering this self portrait, I reckon she might just appreciate some of my recent embroidery too.

The ‘Inspiration: Artist” series shines a light on artists in textiles and other mediums, whose work makes my head spin. If you want to share the love for an artist you’ve come across, post a link in the comments.


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