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Meeting the Auckland Sewing Bloggers

Auckland Sewing Bloggers winter 2013 meet-up
Back: Penny, Frances, Claire, Jason. Front: Michelle, Caroline

I was as scatty as a cat on a hot tin roof this morning, as I prepared to go meet some Auckland Sewing Bloggers. But there was no for nerves need at all – they were such a lovely group of people!

This was my first real life meeting with online sewing friends. Please notice the presence of ‘sewing’ in that sentence. Many years ago (all the way back in 1997) I spent a lot of time online with a group called ‘Skate Talk’. We used to meet in a chat-room that was supposedly dedicated to eye surgery (or something like that) and those of us in New Zealand had to wait for an interminable length of time as our dial-up connections loaded each new post. There was me, Clarkie, John, Kainoa and a cast of others who sometimes talked about skateboarding, but mostly ranted about music, clothes and the angst of being a teenager. Except Clarkie; at ancient age of 27 she was cool because she once worked in a skate shop. It still blows my head a little that we used the internet for social media in 1997. It blows my head even more that one Skate Talker became my flat-mate in Auckland and good mate in London, and I that flew to New Jersey, US to meet another.

But back to real-life in Auckland in 2013 … with much kudos to Penny from Dresses&Me for organising this meet-up of the Auckland Sewing Bloggers. She was unmistakeable in her yellow jacket. Michelle at EveryStitchIMake recognised my denim sleeveless coat, which was nice, and she was wearing the pink jacket that she made such a great job of. We also met Frances, Clair (have I spelled your names correctly? and what’s your blog address Frances?) and Jason.

Jason told us about  Koru Couture, the Auckland branch of the Australian Sewing Guild, which sounded really interesting. They meet in Birkenhead on the first Saturday of the month, for a bit of a show-and-tell and some demonstrations. Their Facebook page is here.

We talked about other bloggers we follow, which patterns we’ve used recently, what’s going on with local shops, and Claire busted out some fabric stash to share – so generous. All in all, it was just really, really nice to meet you people. Thank you!

These days, I’m interested sewing than skating and I’m so grateful that my blogging gives me a way to meet up with like-minded people. If you’re into sewing and are in Auckland, it would be great to see you at the next Auckland Sewing Bloggers’ meeting. You don’t have to be a blogger!

Today’s experience got me super keen to start a new stitch’n’bitch group, too. So if you’re into embroidery, crochet, knitting or hand-sewing and you’d like to meet up some time, just email me carolinelarnach (.at.) hotmail (.dot.) com.

Updated with correct details for Koru Couture, with thanks to Jason.



7 thoughts on “Meeting the Auckland Sewing Bloggers

  1. Certainly, here is the link to the Facebook group for Koru Couture.

    Your link to Google maps for Birkenhead is also pointing to Birkenhead in the United Kingdom. This is the correct one.

    It was lovely to meet everyone, especially the bloggers that I have been reading. Who knows, maybe I might even start a blog myself. 🙂

    1. Yes, yes, yes! That would be great mama. I told them today about you sewing 2 ball dresses in 2 weeks (thank you again) x x x

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