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Good Service for Home and Country

NZ Country Women's Institute Good Service badge

I found this beautiful brass and enamel Country Women’s Institute badge today, once awarded to a New Zealand lady for her ‘good service’ for home and country. Isn’t it sweet? We were in Helensville, a small rural town just out of Auckland, for a kids’ birthday party and called in at a couple of second hand stores.

In one of the antique stores, housed in old cinema, I discovered a treasure trove of textiles from different parts of the world.

The owner of the shop pulled out a hand-stitched quilt that a friend of his had made, using flour bags, French ticking and fabrics that shop owner himself had printed. It was beautifully constructed and hand-quilted. The quilter had also made him a notebook cover, that was sashiko stitched and layered with patched, like Japanese boro fabric. “Is she local?” I asked, “Where can I find her?”.

Her name is Renee, she lives in New Zealand and she blogs …. in Korean. Frustrating! But I gather that she’s local, so I’m looking forward to seeing some more of her work one day and maybe even meeting her.

Sashiko and boro notebook cover Renee Kim quilt Textiles in Helensville 1 Antiques in Helensville 1 Textiles in Helensville 2 Antiques in Helensville 2 Antiques in Helensville 3 Textiles in Helensville 3


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