Sometimes, creativity just works

Sometimes, creativity just works. Ideas flow, new solutions arise from seemingly nowhere and designs come together effortlessly. This was one of those weekend … I created almost all day, went to sleep thinking of sewing and woke each morning with new ideas.

I made with a few forays out to some favourite places, including Global Fabrics for some of their $20 merino and Nick’s to get some contrasting cotton. I also visited a truly magical little sewing machine shop, which I’ll share pictures of soon, and checked out the latest finds at Junk & Disorderly. The latter is an amazing second-hand retailer on Auckland’s North Shore, a huge old place, packed full of treasures.

These small adventures added fuel to the creative fire; when I got home I cranked Fleetwood Mac and just sewed. And added more ideas to my design book. And sewed some more. Sometime, creativity just works.

Here’s a run-down of what went on in my studio this weekend:

Grey linen top with blue linen finishingBlue linen finishing on grey linen top

Grey linen top with blue linen detailing. If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I’ve been getting into Japanese boro (folk fabric) and noragi (work clothes). This trimming on this top is a nod to hishizashi designs. Shirt pattern based on McCalls 2031.

Denim circle jacket

Denim circle jacket top

Also in the spirit of utilitarian Japanese work clothing, this is a heavy-weight denim vest and I drafted myself.

Frida Kahlo skirt

A skirt for the costume cupboard, for my obsession with Frida Kahlo. Self-drafted.

Orange baby blanketBaby hats blue and black

A golden merino baby blanket, with contrasting trim. I also prepared another in blue. I made a couple of  baby hats from the leftover blue fabric, as well as stripy one from a skirt that I adjusted.


I also made another secret thing, which is wrapped in a copy of Cook’s original map of New Zealand and ready to go. I wonder where its off to?

This post is linked to the Daily Prompt: The Zone


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