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Inspiration: the Joanna S. Rose quilt collection

In March 2011, Joanna Rose was granted her 80th birthday wish of seeing her 651 red and white quilts displayed in all their beauty. What a gift to her and and the city of New York.

Just imagine … hundreds upon hundreds of quilts, only in red and white. Some hung far above you, others stretched on light boxes to show off their details, some hung to walk between and others you can touch. Aren’t the photos stunning? The images of the quilts spiraling up into the atrium make me think of a stage set or Tim Burton scene of Alice in Wonderland, celebrating the Queen of Hearts.

“Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” was presented by the American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan. You can see more images of individual quilts here and a great interview with the exhibition designer here.

Infinite Variety_Credit Gavin Ashworth_1 Infinite Variety_Credit Gavin Ashworth_2 Infinite Variety_Credit Gavin Ashworth_3 Infinite Variety_Credit Gavin Ashworth_4 Red and White

The ‘Inspiration: Artist” series shines a light on artists in textiles and other mediums, whose work makes my head spin. If you want to share the love for an artist you’ve come across, post a link in the comments.


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