Weekend House Guest: Monsieur Serger

Brown satin for Frida Kahlo skirtPrecut materials and serger instructions

Borrowed serger ready for sewing

Oooohh, look who has come to stay this weekend! Isn’t he handsome? Meet Monsieur Serger, who has graced my house for the next few days. This visit heralds a busy time in the sewing room.

I’ve been cutting away at my stash already, getting projects ready to stitch. Included in the pile is my Frida skirt of satiny fabulousness I found at Nick’s, as well as something warm to be sewn  up as a gift. Those colours and textures spell out how wintery cold it is here just now.

Although I didn’t study French at school, my (very) limited knowledge includes that a machine is a masculine noun, so reckon its cool to call the serger Monsieur.  I know that one must be polite to a serger as they’re inclined to take offence easily. Its best to be on good terms so that they play nicely.  Here’s hoping I’m not wrong.


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