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Local Love: Nick’s Fabrics


When I received an email from Nick’s Fabrics in Mt.Eden announcing a price-slashing ‘moving out’ sale, my breath caught in my chest. Nick’s is the most awesome of discount fabric stores in Auckland and a sale there means superlow furnishing and dress fabric prices. But was Nick’s closing?

Nick’s is a small shop about half way down Auckland’s Dominion Road, literally packed to its exposed-wood rafters with bargain fabrics. The prices are always awesome, regardless of whether they’re on sale. Only $8 for furnishing and $4 for dress fabrics; this is where I found the petticoat fabric, for my split seam pattern. You may even recognise the fabrics  from Global in Newton and Martha’s in Newmarket, because Nick’s is their outlet store.

Thankfully, I discovered its not the end for Nick’s, just preparation for a move to new premises. Until the shift, there are some awesome bargains in-store. My mama got the black and grey piece you see here, its kind of Japanese looking. (She finds it hard to visit Auckland and not buy fabric; you’d never guess we were related.)

I bought a length of silk-like fabric with a black velvet brocade pattern, which I think is perfect for a new Frida Kahlo skirt. One should always be prepared to pull a full Frida when the opportunity arises.

The always-charming Oliver, who wields the fabric shears, couldn’t shed much light on the future of the shop just yet, other than to say “bigger” and “more”. A bigger Nick’s would be good. More would be even better. Here’s hoping it stays local to my part of town.

DSC01153 DSC01155  DSC01157 DSC01162

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3 thoughts on “Local Love: Nick’s Fabrics

  1. Interesting! We did have a Nick’s over in Takapuna for a short while, so I guess if they had enough fabric to operate a second shop, albeit temporarily, then a combined bigger one would make sense.

    1. I remember that one too, Jason. If memory serves me correctly, visiting that shop was the first time I came across the Nick’s brand … I think there was another sale on. I’m intrigued as to where the new one going to be.

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