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Inspiration: Mr Finch

I’ve got to hand it to Shannon at Stitch Freak – she finds and freaks about some simply amazing textile artists. One of her most recent discoveries is Mr Finch, an incredible British artist.

So, with a hat tip to Shannon, let’s take a look at the inspirational Mr Finch …

Finch yellow birdBlossom-moth-sisters-small OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Flower-fox-sleeping-1024x1024 Moth-Collection-large1-1024x666

Now isn’t that just head-blowing stuff? I love all of it, but I long to have one of those sweet moths in my hand.

Shannon also put me on to one Enid Twiglet in Perth, Australia. That post led to a  gift order for someone I love and a special treat for me. I can’t wait to show you some of my own photos, when those treasures arrive. Thanks, Shannon!

The ‘Inspiration: Artist” series shines a light on artists in textiles and other mediums, whose work makes my head spin. If you want to share the love for an artist you’ve come across, post a link in the comments.


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