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The beauty of something useful

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” (William Morris)  ImageImage Mr Morris, this crooked, faded and mis-sewn piece of leather is both useful and beautiful to me.

It is a simple sheath, roughly folded and quickly stitched. Over time it has molded to the shape and bend of my middle finger, its tip rubbed smooth of its natural creases and now marked with tiny holes. This is my sewing thimble.

I wore it for hours today, as I quilted over the kitchen table and later made the most of the afternoon sun in a doorway. I was hand-finishing two quilts that I’m preparing to sell. Both are bound in a pale turquoise linen, that just happens to reflect my thimble. I do love a good colour match!

A friend made the leather thimble for me a few years ago, when we stitched props for a short film. I turned up at our first production meeting not knowing the film concept, only to discover it was about quilters. Game on! Late one night, as we hand-stitched a quilt using traditional English piecing, my fingers blistered. My friend whipped up the thimble for me and I’ve used it ever since.

What’s your favourite sewing/crafting/creating tool and why?


3 thoughts on “The beauty of something useful

  1. My favourite sewing tool is the dress makers dummy I loaned to my sister, and its finally now being used to its full potential. Even if it cant recreate the perfect curve of bottom!

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