How to use Bloglovin’: some tips for people who love to read blogs

I recently joined up to Bloglovin, to make it easier for people like you to follow along with new updates, and hopefully to get some more readers, too. This is a quick post on how to use Bloglovin’.

What is Bloglovin?
Bloglovin’ is an online service that gathers up all the blogs you read, in one place. Rather than you registering for each blog by email subscription (which can clog up your inbox with multiple “new blog” emails) or clicking around lots of homepages looking for updates, Bloglovin’ collects the fresh news for you. It can also recommend new blogs you may like. Think of it as a online personal assistant, whose sole job is to manage all the blogs you read. Nice!

How do I get started?
Easy peasy. You could simply hit the “Follow this blog with bloglovin'” button, up on the top right of this page. Or you could visit Either way, you’ll need to sign up with an email address and then start collecting the blogs you read. Chances are that many of those you like are already registered; if you search “soulemama”, Amanda’s blog will come up. Just click “follow” and the blog will be added to your list. You can keep adding blogs in this way, whenever you come across one you enjoy.

Then what?A daily email will be sent to you, with a summary of what’s been published by your favourite bloggers. Each post will have a headline, photo and about 150 words of text. You could also add Bloglovin’ to your bookmarks bar, and click on it anytime to look for updates. On your Bloglovin’ home page, you can search for blogs by categories (e.g. “DIY & Crafts” or “Food & Drink”) to find new writers you may appreciate.

I’ve got a blog, how do I get involved? Registering your blog on Bloglovin’ makes it easier to convert readers to followers and gives you more opportunities to find new visitors. Signing up is simple, too. Just visit the Bloglovin’ homepage, sign up, then go  “Account” > “My blog” and click on “Claim blog”. Search for your title and click on it in the search results, or enter the URL. You’ll need to post some HTML to prove you have admin rights. When you’ve registered your blog, you’ll get a welcome email, with some really handy hints to get you going and some “follow me” HTML buttons, like that one you see on my page. Easy!

——– A note to other bloggers ——–
You are welcome to use this blog in its entirety or excerpts from it, providing that you give me appropriate credit by acknowledging the source and providing a link to this original WordPress page. Thank you!


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