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Local Love: Global Fabrics

My top-favourite local store Global Fabrics is holding its first 2013 meeting of Fabriholics Anonymous. This means 30% off in a one-day sale, on Thursday 23 May (0930 – 2000 NZ time, also online sales). Whooop! I’m planning to go after work that night, so I visited on the weekend to do a little forward planning…

GlobalFabrics_ FabAnon

GlobalFabrics_pattern table  GlobalFabrics_ counter

GlobalFabrics_ black and pink \   GlobalFabrics_ sequin trolley  GlobalFabrics_ whites  GlobalFabrics_ label

There are lots of delicious fabrics in store, including some great florals and other prints. Although we’re heading into winter, I’ve got summer tops on the mind – especially mixing bright silks with faded denim. They also have a number of coloured leather skins that would make a beautiful tote bag with a canvas print or patterned wool, and faux leathers for customising t-shirts with leather pockets and sleeves.

The big news I discovered when I visited: no more Global Fabrics. Whaaaaaat? Its not so bad though – its only a re-brand, as they extend their presence in the Australian market  under the newer The Fabric Store moniker. Making the call to re-brand is never taken lightly (or cheaply), so the fact they’ve done it says good things. It shows they have confidence in the market and ambitions for the company. Its awesome to see a New Zealand brand enjoying success and I’d wager that there are exciting times ahead!

I love Gobal Fabrics. I think they carry Auckland’s best selection in linens, merino, and fashion prints, as well as excess from local and overseas fashion designers. Its also just a really, really nice place to visit. They girls are lovely and its a pretty store, with some great choices in furnishings and store ware.The pattern and magazine table is a nice place to spend a while – the selections of  Frankie, Vogue and FQ are bang-on for me! The only thing that’s missing is coffee and cake … but then Global’s sister store, Martha’s, has that one wrapped up with their very own Little & Friday instore.

Until recently, I lived in an inner-city apartment close to the store, which was both a Very Good Thing and Very Bad Thing.

Very Good Thing: it took two minutes to walk there, which meant I could swing by easily and take a look, just to see what was new or to get something mid-project. I felt none of  “I’m here so I might as well buy” pressure that you get when its a hassle to visit.

Very Bad Thing: it took two minutes to walk there, which meant I could swing by easily and … well, I’m sure you get the picture. That shop is the reason I have a VERY large stash of lovely fabrics, waiting for a project!

Local Love celebrates the independent establishments that make a good town great. If you want to share the love for one of your local businesses, post a link in the comments.


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