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A triple-espresso obsessively special cushion

Block cushion creating

I’m a little bit obsessed with blue at the moment. Especially when its a turquoise kind of blue. Extra specially when that blue is coupled with a fuschia pink. And its triple-espresso special when those colours are combined in textiles.

So you can imagine how caffeine-high happy I was when I found a  sample set of the ‘Catharina’ collection, by Belgium’s WIND.be, at the school fair. This is a dense, heavy velvet pattern, on a base that looks and feels like raw silk. The complete colour set includes beautiful shades of duck-egg blue, fuschia, mauve and green.

There wasn’t a huge amount of each colour, but enough to combine them in a 40cm cushion top with a corduroy backing. Have you ever sewn with velvet? It makes such a mess! My sewing room was littered with wee piles of jewel-coloured fluff.

I’ve used a log-cabin quilting block here – a simple pattern, that builds up swiftly.  So once I started, it seemed I’d whipped up a new cushion quick smart, lickety split. I think it looks great with my floral cushion, don’t you?



4 thoughts on “A triple-espresso obsessively special cushion

  1. School fair? Schooool fair? Our last school fair we found a plastic thing my son liked. Going to change schools to increase fabric finding chances.

    1. Cornwall Park District School fair in Auckland is amazing… My haul was huge! Including kitchen tools, wooden toys, vintage fabrics and new fabrics. It’s on every April and really worth going.

    1. Thanks Michelle. It was a lucky find and as it was at the school fair I really had to swoop on it.

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