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Threadneedle Street – more graffiti embroidery

Embroidery_graffiti_wall_El Chivo_boat_boy
Needles by Caroline Larnach, paint by El Chivo and anonymous tagger

Londoners will know that Threadneedle Street is not the least bit ‘street’ and I doubt there’s a jot of graffiti on it. But during my days in London, it was one I walked along regularly and the words sang to me. I loved that such an old fashioned and historic street name suggested two of the things I loved most – street art and embroidery.

El Chivo was stencilling around London at the time and this piece appeared in North London. I don’t know who the tag was by, but it I reckon it brings a great balance to the image.

The boy and the boat were completed in satin stitch. So far, so so. But when I started on the tag, following the track of the spray can, I got excited. With traditional embroidery stitches, I found could recreate the layers, blends and tracks of graffiti, making the art literally pop off the canvas.

And so it came together. Thread. Needle. Street.

PS: I apologise profusely to the original artists for inverting the image. Between me, the printer and the thread, something got lost in translation.


4 thoughts on “Threadneedle Street – more graffiti embroidery

    1. I simply took a digital file to a high street printer, and had it printed on white fabric. I tested a few different kinds of fabric, as the print adhered and ‘sat’ differently on different weaves.

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