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Saving a vintage quilt


With the change of seasons, its time to change up our bedding with heavier weights and warmer colours. This faded beauty has made its way back onto our bed and into my heart, reminding me once again of its narrow escape from the scissors.

Here’s a secret: when I first found this pieced quilt at Nelson’s amazing Eclectic Antiques, I thought it was a cutter. It was huge, faded and oddly misshapen. With too many blocks shredding and falling apart, I thought this quilt’s best chance of survival was a series of cushions or mini-quilts. So I stashed it, waiting for the time that I could cut into and use the best bits as something new.

Now, I’m starting to love it. The colour combinations are kooky, the pattern alignments are awesome, and the simple fact that some amazing crafter spent hours cutting and piecing this masterpiece by hand makes it worth saving.

So now I’m working on remedies for the broken blocks, and making some pillow covers to match. What do you think? Was it worth rescuing, or is it still one for the chop?ImageImage


8 thoughts on “Saving a vintage quilt

  1. Hi Caroline your vintage quilt is definately worth saving. Its quirky and lovely. It reminds me of an old double wedding ring quilt I was given that needs repairing. Its stuffed away in the cupboard.

    1. Thanks Sue. I think i may make a post of some of the colour/pattern combinations in it – there are some doozies! Do you know the name for a design like this? I just call it hexagon flowers, but I am sure it should be something more prosaic than that!

  2. Hi Caroline, KEEPER!
    I think that you saved this treasure for a reason! The hours and love that were taken to make this amazing piece must have been many. How lucky that it found you!

    1. I know right – so many hours in this, and so many cool (and odd) fabrics. I think I’m the lucky one here 🙂

    1. Thanks, Suze. I was very excited when I found it, and now all this wonderful feedback is convincing me that I’ve made the right choice in keeping it. I only hope that I can do it justice!

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